What To Do When Laid Off: 10 Steps to Reinvent Your Career!

What to do when you are laid-off? Firstly, do not worry at all! It is famously said:

“When tough times come, the tough gets going!”


“Tough times do not last, but tough people do!”

The best strategy would be to get professional help – we recommend you hire a Career Transition Coach to review your career and create a successful transition plan to your next job or venture – email your resume to coach@omnizient.com and we shall get back to you ASAP.

For any emergency you may call at +91-11-25072795 which is being offered as a help-line to deal with your emotional and professional challenges. However, it is mandatory to email your CV to us so that we can provide you with accurate and timely help.

You may go through the following Career Transition Guide to begin working on your transition plan.

1. Deal with your Emotions

Avoid the trap of getting into a blame, shame or guilt game. As has been said:

“Every disaster carries in itself seeds of equal or much larger benefits.”

Instead of brooding over “why me” or similar emotions, you need to focus on converting your current situation into an opportunity to discover and create your next fortune.

Here is an inspirational set of commandments at http://www.slideshare.net/sriamar/the-highest-vision-way-of-life. It would be a good idea to connect to a life or career coach and create a powerful context for your life – email coach@omnizient.com or call +91-11-25072795 to get connected to a coach.

2. Create a Communication Plan for your family, friends, relatives and professional circles

Instead of avoiding one or more category of people around you, you must create a proactive plan to take advice and support from people around you. Take it as an opportunity to reconnect with previous colleagues, clients and your entire professional network to find the best possible options for yourself. A coach can guide you in this process and give you creative inputs to build meaningful and enriching relationships.

3. Critically evaluate your Career Progression

Get your Career critically reviewed by a professional Career Transition Coach and benefit from:

1) Objective evaluation of your skills and strengths

2) Create a world-class résumé that showcases your achievement in best possible manner

3) Get help in job search process

4) Get help in creating customized cover letter and résumé for each job opening

5) Take mock interviews with your coach to ensure chances of successfully cracking formal interviews

Email coach@omnizient.com or call +91-11-25072795 to connect to Career Transition Coach.

4. Make a Financial Plan

Ensure you are optimizing your savings, expenses and debt in smartest way possible. Connect to a Wealth Coach to evaluate your relationship with money, set income goals and create a financial plan to achieve your cash flow targets. You may contact us to get connected to right experts.

5. Understand Current Market Trends and Needs

Check! Your last job might have blunted your sharpness and awareness of latest industry trends. Talk to your peers In other companies, checkout latest startups in your domain and read-up latest news and research reports to find out where your skills might be needed urgently and you would get highest valuation.

6. Connect with Recruiters

There is a process to find out and connect to the best recruiters and head-hunters who are most relevant to your domain and industry. Make sure your coach helps you in this process.

7. Become your Domain or Industry Expert

We are in an era where you do not need to do a job search if you are already established as someone who has outstanding knowledge of her domain and industry. Do not just read-up on the latest market trends – do something powerful that can automatically land you a job – like creating or updating your professional blog or publishing a presentation on slideshare.

8. Take-up a Project

Do something that enriches your personal professional life and adds value to your CV. Identify and contact organizations who can benefit from your skills and are willing to use you as a freelancer or volunteer. Wherever possible, get a experience certificate.

Contact us for getting connected to startups, NGOs and other organizations in your area.

9. Upgrade Yourself

Take up a class. With MOOCs, it is so much easier to join a class and even get a certificate.

10. Create Something

Write – journal your thoughts and ideas. Conceptualize a product. Start a Venture or NGO. Brush-up that old business plan that you always had in your mind. Maybe time has come for you to go for your greatest ideas and begin your grandest job or project now!

We are here to help! Email your CV to coach@omnizient.com or call +91-11-25072795 to reinvent your life and career now!

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