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How does an entrepreneur GET CLEAR?  Really clear about business, customers, profits and the entire spectrum that makes up an entrepreneur’s life.

How CLEAR are you about your business goals, most profitable market segments, long-term strategy, day-to-day business operations and the integration of all these with your life goals?

You may have an immediate sense of what you think you want. It could be one or more of the following:

  • Better Margins, More Profits, More Revenues
  • More Customers, High Ticket Customers, Customer Retention
  • New Market Segments, Products, Services
  • Get out of day-to-day Firefighting (Crisis Management)
  • Create more time for creating new avenues for your business instead of being stuck in day-to-day crisis handling
  • Find better employees (who own their work and are proactive)
  • Build Better Systems
  • Streamline your operations in such a way that your employees take ‘complete responsibility’ for their roles & solve problems proactively instead of making excuses

Whatever is on your list, it is often difficult to decide where to start.

Seth Godin has a riff titled “The Priority List”. He says, the ability to decide “what to do next” is an underrated skill. For example, he says:

Is it better to email an existing customer, send a brochure to a prospect or improve your product a bit? Should you tweet or post a new blog post? Should you have a meeting to coordinate your team or spend ten minutes returning phone calls instead?

His tip:

Do you have a list? Have you figured out which metric you’re trying to improve? Can you measure the impact of the choices you make all day?

I see this mistake in business development all the time. Assume for a moment that the goal of someone in this department is to maximize profit. Why then would this group spend most of its time tweaking existing deals (looking for a 3% improvement in yield) instead of spending the same time and effort doing new, game-changing deals?

If you already have your LIST along with corresponding MEASURES, and you are still struggling to “Get Clear”, then what could be missing is clarity regarding your goals.

When did you last review your Goals? What are you REALLY up to?

Stephen R. Covey said “Priority is a function of context.”

So, WHY are you doing whatever you are doing?

Is that CLEAR?


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Sometimes life might look like an endless series of unending Breakdowns!

When life sucks and nothing seems to be working! There is no competent staff around. The vendor has defaulted on yet another deadline. The customer is misbehaving. And, at the end of a perfectly atrocious day, you reach home to find the spouse sulking. In short, the entire world doesn’t seem to be working!

Whatever! The instinctive reaction is to argue, blame, crib, criticize, get frustrated or pick a fight.

But, wait; maybe, the world has always been unequal and unfair. Yet, uncannily, a civilization almost always keeps evolving to a better state. When and how does that happen?

Perhaps, humanity evolves because there is always a first human, who, at some point of time, says “enough, I will change this”. She challenges assumptions, questions the status quo, takes a different stand and cares a damn even if not a single person was there to support.

Life can be a frustrating, yet fulfilling. The staff can be trained. The vendor can be mentored. The customer can be delighted, and, finally, the spouse can be won over. In short, the world be can made to work, but, one step at a time.

How? Simply, by being alert to your automated reactions and by building a habit to take a pause before giving that angry retort or totally giving-up on a situation.

When did you last take a pause? Take a pause on that!

Music happens because of the silence between notes.

Magic in life happens when you allow yourself to take a mindful pause between thoughts and actions.