Anil Bahl

  • An International certified Executive Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach from ‘Certified Coaches Alliance’, Canada
  • Trainer Training Certification from Complex Training Academy, Australia.
  • He has been associated with leading Brands of India such as Livpure, Luminous, LIC, Birla Group, HCL, Talbros, Fortis and Delhi Government, mentoring leaders and professionals to overcome their self limiting beliefs and empower themselves.

He asks:

What would it be worth if you were told that your success is right there in front of you? Would you believe that your beliefs limit you back or push you forth? What If your self-realization took you to places you only dreamt of?

His invitation:

“I work with people to get them free from their latent limiting self belief system. At Elation Life Coaching, I help you reconnect with the winner in you.”

His dream ‘Elation Life Coaching’ lives to prove that mentorship and coaching can turn around your life and give you that extra nudge to help you DARE.

Mission, Vision and Programs

Anil Bahl aims on Transformation of Individuals, Organisations and Communities through his extensive programs that facilitate people to strengthen their self-beliefs.

His Mission is to bring forth the true potential of individuals for the fulfilment of their personal aspirations and helping the organisations deliver goals by conducting Executive Group and Individual Life Coaching Interventions.

He aspires that through Conducting Special Self empowerment Programmes for the underprivileged communities, he can positively impact Lives of millions through Life Coaching Programs.

His programs are focused on:

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Performance Enhancement Programs
  • Customised Behavioural Improvement Programs
  • Self-Empowerment and Creating Leaders amongst Underprivileged
  • Developing Teachers as Life Coaches
  • Mentoring for Life Coaches
  • Transforming ‘Self’, Transforming Organizations and Communities
  • Transforming ‘Self’, Transforming Patient Care

His mission is strengthened each day through the belief that:
“People, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” – Bob Nardelli

Personal History

  • Anil Bahl left his high flying career as profit centre head to make a positive difference in people.
  • He completed his MBA from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, and gained certifications in Life Coaching from Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada and got trained from Complex Training Academy, Australia.
  • A graduate in Psychology, he has been a part of leading organisations like Hyderabad Industries Ltd., Talbros Group among many.
  • He founded Elation Life Coaching in 2011 and since then he has been transforming lives and empowering people as an Executive Life Coach.


We take this opportunity to thank ‘Elation Life Coaching’ for the wonderful workshop conducted for our Executives and Sr. Executives. Session was conducted by Mr. Anil Bahl and was Life Engaging and so exciting that on request from participants the session was extended to longer duration than planned. The participants were moved by getting in touch with their hidden potential and their self-created barriers, and we can see shift in their expansion in various roles. Such kind of programs are definitely going to impact the organization to greater extent. We are so much inspired by the workshop that we are planning to have such programs as part of our regular programs. We wish all the best for future endeavours.
Parmendera Kumar Sharma, Corporate HR, Jindal Saw Ltd.
Anil Bahl is an essential resource for any CEO or senior executive who is committed to taking their organization to new, unprecedented level of performance.
He works in his own unique way and operates as partner with integrity and passion. He uses powerful methodology to build organizations that bring out the best in people and produce outstanding business results.
His Board Coaching and Executive Coaching sessions with our Directors and Sr. Management were highly impactful in bringing out and working of the organization towards accomplishing common vision and goal.
He has been a very effective resource for increasing productivity and I wish him all the best.
-Managing Director, Star Engineers(I) Pvt. Ltd.,Pune
l was personally happy with the response of the workshop on “Unleash your hidden potential – expanded performance” conducted by you for 250 members of our hospital in batches. Initially as you know, the staff approached workshops with lot of hesitation but this attitude changed during the course of the workshops.
Participants, who normally don’t speak out, did so without hesitation and were not afraid to acknowledge their fears and prejudices thereby paving the way for sharing and solving issues. It has resulted in a positive approach towards their work.
Thank you Anil. You must continue the good work. I wish Elation Life Coaching the very best.
-Dr. K. K Kalra, Medical Superintendent, CNBC Hospital (NABH), Delhi
If you believe in miracles, trust him. if you don’t believe in miracles, call him. 
-Saurabh Sharma, National Head (Sales) at Cinepolis India
The confidence has increased, earlier I used to avoid large business enquiries as I felt we may not be able to cater them but now we are mentally ready to tap on big companies & orders.
– CEO, Manufacturing
Came out of the self-trap of giving time to people whom I was sure will not be able to perform.
– CEO, Manufacturing
I believed that I am an Introvert but never realised it could be the series of events in the past which made me feel like that and also affected the business severely.
– Director, Manufacturing
You always need a medium in the form of Coach to show you what you are and what you can achieve. Coach always identifies your core problems which otherwise are difficult to identify and cope with.
– Director, Manufacturing
A very good eye opening, amazing Life Coaching programme which step by step lets you see your factors binding you in Life and tools to deal with them bringing out your potential.  ­­­
‑- Dr. Suman, Dy. Medical Superintendent, Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Delhi
Anil has been my coach on two occasions. Once when the organisation chose him and the next time I chose him myself due to the success of the first time. Each goal that I defined with Anil has been achieved. He works at the conscious level and also at the subconscious level to create successes for you. His tools are robust and more than that his dedication to your success is incredible. I recently recommended a friend to take Anil’s coaching and he has also reported a turnaround in less than a month. Every investment in Anil is worth much more than you can imagine. 
-Sunita Raut, Head HR, Oriflame India
It has been an enlightening experience for all those who attended and I am sure this kind of shift is going to have positive impact on patient care.
-Dr. Rajesh Kalra, Medical Superintendent, DHAS Hospital, Delhi
Excellent Coaching which is very practical leading to improvement of self, family and workplace. ­­­­
‑ Dr. Sushma Kaura, Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Delhi
I am glad that I have Anil in my professional network who is a Life Coach. Not only is he passionate about empowering others, but also is absolutely masterful in asking questions that get to the epic center of the matter. Anil, gives you tools, strategies & insights that allow you to move upwards and onwards in your life!
Thanks a Lot Anil for being a wonderful God sent Coach to me.
I wish you bring out the best in others too…
In order to support me during a critical phase in my career, I had taken up Executive Coaching from Anil to provide Life Coaching in the professional context.
During our collaboration I have been well convinced that Anil provides excellent service and a safe platform. He represents a high level of empathy and professionalism as a Life Coach.
I highly recommend him to Enterprises that search for value-added services towards empowerment and enhanced productivity and to those that take care of their employees & Leadership.
– Anyuta Dhir, Head HR, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd.