Sometimes life might look like an endless series of unending Breakdowns!

When life sucks and nothing seems to be working! There is no competent staff around. The vendor has defaulted on yet another deadline. The customer is misbehaving. And, at the end of a perfectly atrocious day, you reach home to find the spouse sulking. In short, the entire world doesn’t seem to be working!

Whatever! The instinctive reaction is to argue, blame, crib, criticize, get frustrated or pick a fight.

But, wait; maybe, the world has always been unequal and unfair. Yet, uncannily, a civilization almost always keeps evolving to a better state. When and how does that happen?

Perhaps, humanity evolves because there is always a first human, who, at some point of time, says “enough, I will change this”. She challenges assumptions, questions the status quo, takes a different stand and cares a damn even if not a single person was there to support.

Life can be a frustrating, yet fulfilling. The staff can be trained. The vendor can be mentored. The customer can be delighted, and, finally, the spouse can be won over. In short, the world be can made to work, but, one step at a time.

How? Simply, by being alert to your automated reactions and by building a habit to take a pause before giving that angry retort or totally giving-up on a situation.

When did you last take a pause? Take a pause on that!

Music happens because of the silence between notes.

Magic in life happens when you allow yourself to take a mindful pause between thoughts and actions.

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